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Sports Massage

A sports massage causes the muscles to move freely again and then you look and feel energetic.
It is mainly worked on fascia system.


What is the fascia system?

The fascia between the muscles and keep the muscles moving. They direct the body systems out of commission.


Why the fascias work?

During sports, under stress at work, or even one-sided strain of the muscles, the fascia sticks to the muscles. Then mobility is limited. By the lack of relaxation and hardens the muscles and cause pain.

The muscles adhered to the fascia causing an imbalance of the body. That is, the two sides of the body are no longer balanced. This may lead to shortening of the leg, shoulder elevation, neck tension, back pain, headaches, etc.. The calf and thigh muscles are in extremely high anxiety.

Therefore one should not ignore after heavy load the painful muscles and treat yourself to a sport massage.

Learn what makes relaxation.


Especially for athletes

  • Prevention of muscle and tendon injuries
  • Allows the athlete to recover more quickly from myofascial injuries without chronic problems
  • Helps in the recovery from hard training and competition
  • Stimulates blood circulation, calms nervous tension and prepares the athlete for optimal performance with simultaneous reducing of injuries
  • Focuses on the prevention of the development of chronic injuries and helps in healing of acute incidents
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