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Shiatsu supports the fascia treatment modality. In this technique worked on the meridians. By finger pressure massage on the muscles, and thereby opened the nerves, the lymphatic system and the bloodstream, where more space to work unhindered. That is the blood flow, the fluid regulation and better relaxation. Furthermore, the body is brought back to its natural state and aligned.

Shiatsu is a diagnosis within the meaning of the 5 elements it is carried out, using traditional methods can be seen which areas of a the body is affected. It recognized on which meridians (including fascia) will need to be worked and will work specifically on the abuses of the body.


Anyone who has ever been able to find a shiatsu massage, will appreciate the benefits. Whether Shiatsu is based on a particular condition or even as a preventive measure in claim. The effect is based on the special quality of touch in Shiatsu. They can support the flow of ki (life energy) positive.

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