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Relax Massage

Relaxing with a massage is mostly about the relaxation of the body, the mind and the soul. Depending if the strain is working with mild to strong movements. It is ensured that no pain is inflicted, only then is the full relaxation guaranteed.


There are techniques such as Lumi Lumi (Hawaiian massage) and Tao Massage and Reflexology and possibly other energetic techniques such as Reiki and Chi Kung are introduced – depending on the state of being.


This is a full body massage with oil and combined elements of various massage techniques, such as classical massage and Hawaiian bodywork.


Each massage is different and is jointly coordinated with you and  your own  needs.


By deep handles in muscles and connective tissue which stimulates circulation and loosen bonded fabric. In alternating with long strokes tenseness can be resolved on physical and psychological level. You can move more freely. When blockages in the neck and shoulder area accur this part of the body needs increased attention.


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