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Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy

This is a form of therapy that balances the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid in the spine. Here the attached fascia moves to the vortex and at the same offset in the body structure is gentle. From this arises the restoration of our psychosomatic.


The whole body is treated with emphasis on the skull (cranium), the spine and the sacrum. The Craniosacral system includes also the internal structures such as brain and spinal cord with its fluid (CSF). The unrestricted flow of cerebrospinal fluid and the movement of the bony parts of this system regulate many vital body functions. By treating blockages and restrictions these are abolished; self-regulation, self-healing and inner strength is to promote immunity. Important for the regeneration and healthy and effectiveness in the treatment of ailments and diseases.


Important indications:

Deep relaxation, stress, back problems, excessive muscle tone (hypertonic), headache, insomnia, trauma, fall, crash, concentration and learning difficulties, hyperactivity, fatigue, recovery assistance, pain symptoms without pathological findings.

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