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What the customer wants?

Massage LanzaroteThe customer would like perfect contentment for his investment. The body should feel relaxed after a massage and energized, to be grown again for the new challenges of life.

Events are a timely decision for your body – through too long a wait the muscles can tightened so the appropriate physical exercises are necessary. These exercises require the discipline of the customer, which should follow the instructions of the therapist.


What purpose has a massage?

Any massage is used to improve well-being. When you come to a massage therapist, we must decide the treatment accordingly in order to achieve the greatest possible effect of the massage.


What is the advantage of a Lanzarote treat?

On Lanzarote there are very thin layers of the earth and therefore it has a high circulation of earth forces which support the dynamic process of a treatment. This treatment promoted as a positive and the healing will enable faster. Therefore it is advisable to participate in this dynamic process.


Hotel and home visits possible!



A sports massage causes the muscles to move freely again and then you look and feel energetic. It is mainly worked on fascia system.

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Relaxing with a massage is mostly about the relaxation of the body, the mind and the soul.
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Shiatsu supports the fascia treatment modality. In this technique worked on the meridians. By finger pressure massage on the muscles, and thereby opened the nerves, the lymphatic system and the bloodstream, where more space to work unhindered.
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This is a form of therapy that balances the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid in the spine. Here the attached fascia moves to the vortex and at the same offset in the body structure is gentle.

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